How to setup a recurring scheduled Process Builder and/or Flow


My recommendation is to use this solution by Doug instead of following the steps below:


In Apex you’re able to setup a recurring job that will fire whenever you’d like.  However, now that many of the solutions that we previously needed Apex for can be solved through Process Builder and Flow, it would be great if we could setup a schedule to do batch jobs without Apex.  I’ve recently come across more and more clients wanting something to run from every 15 minutes to every business day.  Unfortunately, I’m not savvy enough with Apex (yet!) to feel comfortable writing a trigger just to get this added functionality.  So, that is when I got creative.  With just three workflow rules we are able to setup our own scheduled Flow!  (So that means, we’re not actually going to be building a Flow in this post, sorry!) Continue reading

How to use a Fast Lookup

For this post we are going to show you where some of the real power in Flow can be found!  So, often times we get into situations where we want something to happen to multiple records.  In Flow we are given a Fast Lookup that will be one of our main tools to do this!  If you are from the developer background, think of this as a SOQL (or SQL).  If you’re from the Admin background and completely new to this, think of a Fast Lookup as a Report or List View.

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How to use a Fast Create

The first time I saw Fast Create I was quite confused.  Is a Record Create slow?  Well, it is actually slower if you want to create multiple records at once.  A Fast Create really is more than just one element.  This is because you must build records to put in a SObject Collection Variable that you will then insert with your Fast Create.  If you’re new to this element, you’re probably wondering what the heck I am talking about.  Lets go over our use-case and then we will make sense of this madness.

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