4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Org’s Lightning Experience Adoption

#1 Optimize the Home Page

Add a Rich Text Component to create your Home Page Links to key Reports, Dashboards, List Views, External Resources, and other items.  It is all about creating a streamlined process that is enjoyable to the End User.


I like to use Bold Text to break up the links into different sections.


Clean up the page, get rid of excess.  Think about what the User really wants to see when they login to Salesforce.  If Top Deals doesn’t really work well for your Business, then remove it from the Layout.  Drag in your a Report Chart or other components that makes sense for your End Users.


#2 Utilize Default Tabs

This small trick is one of my favorite parts of Lightning Experience.  I’m now able to set what the default starting point for a page is.  This is fantastic, because going to an Order you’ll typically want to see Order Lines (if you use them).  For a Contact you might care to see the Details first.  With the ability to default the tabs, we’re able to adjust this on every layout!


#3 Customize the Highlights Panel

You have the ability to put a few key fields on the top of your page.  By doing this, you can give the End User a constant spot to look at those key Status, Amount, and Owner fields.  Unfortunately we’re limited currently in the number of fields we can display, so be selective of what you do display.  I prefer to use Image Formulas up here to give a quick visual representation of the record, as opposed to plain text, when possible. These fields are managed with Compact Layouts.


#4 Get Creative with the Layouts

You’re not married to a layout.  You can create your own Layout from one of the templates available.  This ability to control not just the fields, but the whole page’s layout without any code is really awesome, don’t hesitate to use this feature.  You do have to create a New Lightning Page from within Setup.  You can’t hit Edit Page on a record and create a new layout template that way.


One thought on “4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Org’s Lightning Experience Adoption

  1. agentgill December 12, 2016 / 9:24 pm

    Really useful and incredible timing too. Using the link to Dashboards from home page as Gauges are not support on home page.

    Liked by 1 person

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