Email Alerts through Visual Flow

In Flow we have the ability to re-use certain pieces of functionality that we have created elsewhere.  The benefit to this is that we can consolidate the places that we have to make the updates.  With an Email Alert, we can use this in a Flow to save some of our ‘limitations’ by not having to query the recipients we want to notify.  Pretty powerful when you use it right.

Depending on how many Flows and Quick Actions you have in your Salesforce, you might not notice the Email Alerts section at the bottom of your Palette.  In here you’ll find a list of all of your system’s Email Alerts to choose from.  You can find the one that you’re looking for easily by using the Search at the top of the Palette, or by just scrolling down to it if you don’t have many alerts.

We found our Alert, so lets drag it onto our Flow’s Canvas.


Now, this is the cool part of an Email Alert.  I could have triggered this Flow to fire from any number of Objects.  As long as I have the record’s ID that I want to fire the Email Alert from I can!  When using this element we simply place the variable of the Record we want the Email Alert sent from in the Record ID input.


If you click over to the Outputs tab, you’ll notice that we don’t have the option to do anything… so know you’re not missing any additional functionality.


Now all that is left is to press OK and map this Email Alert to the part of your Flow you need it to send from.  Pretty simple and easy to use!


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