Learning Flows – Preface

My goal for the Learning Flows series is to help show how simple Flow can be and to provide you an easy place to reference and learn about everything Flow.

Thinking back to my my first Dreamforce in 2013, when I saw Mike Gerholdt and Jared Miller present on using Visual Flow for the standard Call Center scenario (what Visual Flow was originally designed for).  Later in the week I attended a session on the pilot for (what Salesforce called at that time) “Headless Flows”.  This is now what we refer to as Autolaunched Flows.

Those experiences got me excited for the possibilities that would soon be available to me, and I was determined to dive into Flow when I got back home.  I decided to build my first Flow.  I remember trying to troubleshoot why my Flow didn’t work, but there were hardly any resources out there to explain it to someone learning Flow.  And, I gave up.

Eventually another use-case came up that I thought Flow might solve, and I gave it another try.  Luckily, this time it clicked and I got my Flow to work!  I was hooked.

My goal is that after walking through these steps in the Learning Flows series you will be able to master Flow and take your Admin/Developer skills to the next level.

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