Salesforce Automation Hour

Join us for the Automation Hour’s second session next Friday (October 14th @12pm PST)!  I’ll be joined with my co-hosts Jen Lee and Rakesh Gupta.  You can visit our site for a full list of upcoming webinars and past recordings here.  We’ve also setup a Success Community Group here for you to be able to ask questions if you watched a recording or simply are stuck with a Process/Automation question.

What exactly is Salesforce Automation Hour?

Salesforce Automation Hour is a webinar series that we’re running to allow people to share automation tips and tricks with the community.  These sessions will be varying from beginner to advanced Users.

What is a typical format?

We have the host jump into their automation presentation.  These will typically range from 15-30 minutes depending on the scenario.  After the presentation is over, we’ll send it back to the group of co-hosts to answer any questions that the webinar attendees have for the remainder of the time.  These questions are typically related to the presentation, but they do not have to be.

How can you participate?

Our goal when starting this was for it to be something that anyone can be a guest host!  We’ve already got tons of fantastic guest hosts lined up for future webinars, but there is room for even more!  Jump over to our contact us form and just give us an idea of what you’d like to talk about.  There are no requirements, like having a certain number of badges or certifications to be a guest host.  If you missed getting your presentation selected at Dreamforce – be a guest host!



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