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A friend recently asked me what Chrome Extensions I would recommend to a new Salesforce Admin.  So, that led me to create this Master List of extensions.  I do not plan on having every extension listed here, but I do plan on adding the ones that I think provide value for a Salesforce professional.  I will update this post as I continue to find and use new extensions.  If you have any that you think are important that I have left off, please send me a message or leave a comment! LOGINS [Paid]

I know there was some uproar about this turning to a paid extension in 2016, but it is a small cost for the value it provides!  This has to be the #1 Google Chrome Extension among Consultants, and it is also great for an Admin to keep track of all of your Developer Accounts and Sandboxes.  You can get organize your Logins into Groups too!  I like to keep each client in their own group to keep all of their environments together. Logins.jpg Sandbox Favicon & Salesforce Colored Favicons

These two extensions are the ones I really can’t live without.  The Sandbox Favicon extension adds an into the middle of all of your Sandbox.  This has saved me many headaches, as when I was a new Admin I accidentally made some changes in the wrong environment more than once!  Luckily nobody noticed…

S favi.jpg

The Salesforce Colored Favicons are great for those of you with many Orgs that you support.  If your company or clients use a MyDomain, then you can have a specific color setup for them.  Otherwise, this is based on the instance.  Note, If you’re using this one you will probably want to turn off the Sandbox Favicon as it will overwrite this extension.


Salesforce1 Simulator

This extension is great for showing a Salesforce1 demo on your Desktop.  It even lets you choose the device size so you can demonstrate both a phone and a tablet’s view.

S1 Demo

This is another fantastic SF1 simulator.  This only displays in one size, similar to an iPhone 6.  The really cool part of this simulator is that when you’re already logged into an Org and you launch it, it will automatically log you into that Org.

Salesforce API Fieldnames

This is a fantastic extension that I wish I had found sooner.  This makes it really easy for you to check the API name of the fields on a page layout.  The best part is that you can toggle this on and off by clicking on the icon in your browser!  So easy!  As a Consultant living in many orgs, this really helps since I’ve not got every field memorized anymore. Enhanced Formula Editor

Anyone whose tried to make a formula in Salesforce has been craving for something like this to be delivered by Salesforce.  It will help you stay organized as you write that perfect formula!

Boostr for Salesforce

This awesome extension has FOUR parts:

  1. Change Set Assistant
    • Have you tried to find that new Custom Field that you just added but there are just too many fields to filter through?  This will save you a headache!
  2. Field Set API Names
    • This is a pretty cool trick for anyone that is using Field Sets.  It allows you to see the API Name so that you are sure what field you’re using!
  3. Setup Search
    • THIS.  THIS.  This is why you should get this extension.  Have you tried to use the Setup Search but the pesky pre-populated text is in your way?  With this enabled you’ll
  4. Object/Field API Name
    • If you are against having _ in your API Names for both Custom Fields and Objects, this will save you the trouble of deleting it every time!  I will admit I have this one disabled right now.

In the settings 1, 2, and 3 all are turned on automatically.  4 must be turned on manually.

SalesforceIQ Inbox

The two reasons I use this are so I can schedule my emails and see whose opened the email.  The reason I like to schedule my emails is to let my clients think they are the first thing on my mind at 6:30am the next day (when I am probably still snoozing).  Or maybe you are somebody who is trying to not let your clients or coworkers get into a habit of expecting an instant response from you, you can even schedule them to be sent out an hour later!

ColumnCopy [Credit to Brent Downey]

If you’ve ever tried to copy and paste values from a picklist or object inside Salesforce, you’ve probably found it is a nightmare.  This fixes that problem for you.  If you need anymore of an explanation check out Brent’s post, as he goes into extreme detail on it! Quick Login As [Credit to Eric]

Thanks to Eric for letting me know about this extension.  This extension saves you the trouble of going to Setup –> Manage Users and simply adds it next to your Favoriting Star in the browser.  From there, you can click and see your list view of Users to Login As one.  Pretty handy if you find yourself logging in as Users often!  The best part of this it takes you to the same record/page you were on.

Salesforce Admin Check All

The name says it all!  Save yourself some clicking!  My only gripe with this app is that it only works in certain areas of Salesforce.  If this worked throughout all of Salesforce, it would be in the running for my #1 extension.

Go Directly To User Detail on SFDC

Have you ever been annoyed by clicking on a User and it takes you to their Chatter Profile when you really just wanted to add a Permission Set, Public Group, or deactivate them?!  Well, now with this you can avoid that pesky second click and get straight to the User Detail page.


3 thoughts on “ Chrome Extension Master List

  1. Eric February 29, 2016 / 1:55 pm Quick Login As
    Allows you to login as another user from anywhere within SF and you remain on the same page/record!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Syphr March 1, 2016 / 3:10 pm

    Great suggestion, Eric! I was actually going to suggest the very same one!


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